TIC2003-08129-02 (2003-2006). Provision and management of real time services in heterogeneous networks, including Ad-hoc networks, for the supervision and control of large premises

With the coming of new network technologies, their integration causes the appearance of new challenges to solve. When a new network comes to the arena, sooner or later the provision of the services is demanded, as the rest of the networks, and, generalizing, its integration with the existing networks. From the point of view of the user, the provided service, with its particularities, must be independent of the underlying network technologies. Among these peculiarities, we find the end-to-end quality of service (QoS). One of last examples coming to the plethora of communication networks is the ad-hoc networks. By themselves, the ad-hoc networks are aimed by numerous efforts in the field of the MAC and network level research protocols, including routing and the provision of the quality of service. This project approaches the investigation of the ad-hoc networks from a global point of view, where the management of the quality of service and its provision for services in real time raise numerous challenges to solve and its integration with existing and real networks configure an exciting research scenario in which a lot of research groups have invested their efforts.


December 1, 2003 - November 30, 2006


MITyC, 2003 CICYT Program.

Total budget

147 K€



UPV (coordinator), UPC




Dr. Jesus Alcober (Main researcher)
Dr. Jorge Mataix
Dr Juan Luis Gorricho
Dr. David Remondo
Dr. M. Carmen Domingo
Antoni Oller
Dr. Xavier Hesselbach
Xavier Miguelez
Pedro Chaparro

Contact person

Dr. Jesus Alcober