Internet is the major enabler for all kinds of information services. Since early applications such as e-mail, file transfer and web browsing, many new applications and services have appeared, where currently social networks and social media play an important role.
When broadband access technologies reached plain users, and the use of smartphones has become popular, several challenges have come up on the Future of Internet.
The "anything-over-IP-over-anything" principle has become a reality. This emergence of new applications raises challenges. The Internet has never been designed for coping with all imaginable application's needs. The future of Internet has to fullfill them.
BAMPLA research group tackles the first "anything" through its Advanced Services team, named Mediaentel, and the second "anything" through its Optical Technologies team, named GONE.
Research areas

At present, research at BAMPLA is organized in two wide areas:  Optical Technologies , and Advanced Services.
The area of Optical Technologies is covered by the GONE team and the area of Advanced Services are covered by Mediaentel team.