HDVIPER (2007-2009). High Definition Videoconferencing over IP environment. [CELTIC-EUREKA]

The main objective ofthe HDVIPER project is to design an open and scalable high-definition videoconferencing platform over IP. This platform is based on a new application called Snake which will be integrated in a PC and in a set-top·box environment (pre-commercial prototype). As far as multiconference is concerned, the architecture ofthe Snake application permits the inclusion ofa module gathering the different flows from audio and video, in a way similarto classical MCU (Multipoint Control Unit), but with the difficulty (unsolved before HDVIPER in commercial and pre-commercial solutions) to support qualities greater than 10 Mbps. The benefits of the projects affects to the business world and the small and medium companies, since they will be able to enjoy savings regarding travel costs and long-term expenses, with an effective utilization 0f IT quality technologies such as the high-definition videoconference. Furthermore, the public institutions and the residential users will have a better satisfaction and reliability impression on the telecommunications services, and, finally, the project will also represent a great deal of benefits for the operating and industrial companies which are in charge of introducing the product to the market.


December 1, 2007 - September 30, 2009




2.7 M€


Borderlight (Sweden), KTH (Sweden), Telefónica I+D (Spain), i2CAT (Spain), PSNC (Poland), Alcatel-Lucent (Spain), Androme (Spain), Karolinska Institute (Sweden), Alkit (Sweden)



Contact person

Dr. Jesus Alcober


Xavier Calvo
Guillem Cabrera
Julio Barrera


55 K€

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