An interview about Internet in la Vanguardia of a BAMPLA member

Mar 12, 2009

La Vanguardia entrevista a un professor de l'EPSC sobre la nova internet

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The newspaper La Vanguardia interviewed for his release Monday March 9 Professor of EPSC David Rincón, Department of Telematics Engineering, for reportage entitled "The new Internet: more security, less freedom" .
David Rincón is a member of the group EuroNF (Network for the Future), which is a European project within the Fire (Future Internet Research) involving 20 research centers across Europe.

David Rincon gave his expert opinion as to the subject. He explained that the network is divided into three layers: the physical, the network and the applications.  "As applications become increasingly sophisticated, the network layer is not Resent and holds all the work," says Rincon. The software that powers the Internet's IP protocol. Today is the fourth version (IP4 ), but since 1996 there is a sixth version (IP6). For commercial reasons, however, has not been changed completely to IP6, while the new computers and routers are ready. Two currents, and the evolutionists of the of rupture, discussed how best to make this change.

The network also has many security problems and a solution of several revolutionary groups around the world are proposing a gated community, where everyone who connects will be identified. "Authentication system would know exactly where you're a message or an attack, "said Rincon. "And here is the dilemma, we are prepared to lose the freedom to gain security."
You can read the whole article in Spanish in La Vanguardia here.